Topic of Congress

Sustainable Tourism Influence on Regional Development 

Sustainable Tourism Approach, Concepts and Applications·       

Sustainable Tourism Indicators·       

Sustainable Tourism Planning·       

Sustainable Tourism Businesses (Entertainment, Travel, Accommodation, Transportation, Food-Beverage, Recreation Operations)·       

Sustainable Tourism and Communication·       

Sustainable Destination Management and Marketing·       

Green Marketing Approach and Tourism·       

Sustainable Tourism Certification Practices·       

Sustainable Consumption·       

Conservation of natural heritage in the context of sustainable tourism·       

Conservation of biodiversity within the scope of sustainable tourism·       

Conservation of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage·       

Sustainability of Kitchen Culture and Local Foods·       

Use of Renewable Energy in Tourism·       

Sustainability and Cittaslow Implementation·       

Sustainable Behavior Management (Green Leadership, Green Employee, Green Human ...)·       

Eco-Friendly Social Responsibility Activities in Tourism·       

Community Based Tourism in the Context of Sustainable Tourism (CBT)·       

European Union Sustainable and Competitive Tourism Policies·       

Alternative Tourism Types and Sustainability Based on Nature and Culture (Eco Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism, Ethnic Tourism, Highland Tourism, Outdoor Recreations etc.)·       

Investment Projects Related to Sustainability (EU, BAKA, etc ..)·       

Sustainable Visitor Management·     

Local Governments and Sustainability·       

Climate Change and Sustainability·       

Sustainable Tourism Awareness and Education·       

Tourism Education and Sustainability·       

Other Tourism Activities with Culture and Nature